Correct tire pressure for city bikes

Correct tire pressure for city bikes

The correct tire pressure for city bikes

The correct tire pressure for your city or racing bike? We can make a scientific case for this. The type of tire, the weather, the road surface and your weight are all important factors. Keep in mind that the total weight includes that of yourself, the bike and any additional accessories. 

But why is correct tire pressure important, anyway? Isn’t it that the harder your tires are inflated, the faster you drive? The answer is a bit double, yes and no. It is indeed true that firmly inflated tires experience less rolling resistance, which means you have to put in less effort and can still ride faster. But one factor that is often overlooked is comfort

If your tire is inflated hard, you also feel every shock, so even more or less flat surfaces can be unpleasant to ride on. Moreover, while rolling resistance may be less, you also have less grip in bad weather. So even if it’s just for training, there’s no point in over-inflating your tires. Especially not if you’re riding on bad roads. Less is more in this case. Although leaving your tires too flat is not a good idea either, as this in turn can lead to punctures and even damage the sides of your tires. Tires that are inflated too soft also wear out faster and the sidewalls can crack.

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Finding the right tire pressure

Usually you can find guidelines on the tires themselves, which indicate the minimum and maximum pressure. These can vary depending on the material used and the model. Stable and heavy tires often need less pressure, while lightweight tires can tolerate a bit more pressure. The natural characteristics of tubes mean that the maximum pressure can even be a little higher than indicated.

If you want to get the most out of your tires, it pays to play around with the tire pressure according to the conditions. As a general rule, on fast, dry roads you can go for maximum tire pressure. If the weather is bad and/or you drive on bad roads, it is better to keep the tire pressure a little lower.

It goes without saying that you should always have a pump at home that indicates tire pressure. Only then can you pump up your tires accurately. The Smart Tire Pump is a solution.  During a race or ride a small hand pump can be useful. But even then a regulator is important, so that the pressure can be increased slowly and evenly. 

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