The Right Tire Pressure for your Motorcycle? We tell you!

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If you want to ride your motorcycle safely, the right tire pressure is important. In this article, you will read why the right pressure for your motorcycle tires is crucial.

  • Why your tires pressure is important?
  • The optimal pressure for your motorcycle
  • Check the pressure when your tire is cold
  • Too much pressure on my tire
  • Measuring your motorcycle tire pressure

This is why your tire pressure is important

On your motorcycle, your contact with the road is minimal. To be able to steer properly, the right tire pressure is essential. They also ensure good road holding and allow you to brake quickly when necessary. It is therefore important to keep your motorcycle tires at the right pressure. The right pressure depends on the surface, the load, and the driving behavior. Regularly checking your tires pressure and inflating your tires correctly is very important. 

The optimal tire pressure for your motorcycle

As a guideline, you can take 2 bar for the front tire and 2.5 bar for the rear tire. To find out the ideal pressure for your bike, read the manual of your bike, and the ideal pressure is usually indicated on the tires. The weight that comes with the bike is important. With a heavy pack and/or an extra passenger, the tire pressure may be a bit higher. In any case, make sure that the pressure never drops below 1 bar and never exceeds 3 bar.

If the pressure is too low, you run the risk of your tires coming out of the rims, while pressure above 3 can cause you to lose contact with the road at every unevenness.

Check the pressure when your tire is cold

Right Tire Pressure for your Motorcycle,
Right Tire Pressure

The higher the temperature, the higher the pressure. The pressure of your tire should therefore be measured when it is cold. A tire is cold when it has not been driven for more than two hours.

Do you measure the pressure when the tire is warm? Then subtract 0.3 bar. By the way, did you know that there are valve caps that turn color when the tire pressure is too low? There are also systems on the market that allow you to read your tire pressure on your dashboard at all times.

Too much tire pressure on my bike

If your tire is over-inflated it will wear out more quickly. In addition, the instability increases regardless of the speed at which you drive. Small irregularities in the road surface are absorbed less, making your ride uncomfortable. With extremely high pressure, you also increase the risk of a blowout.

A tire with too little pressure

A tire with too little pressure wears out faster. Your bike becomes unstable. A soft tire heats up more quickly and wears out more quickly.

The advantages of correct tire pressure

If your tires are correctly inflated, you use less fuel, they wear less quickly and you steer better. This allows you to take corners more tightly. If your tire is over-inflated, you will bounce around more quickly, which can be dangerous.

Measuring the pressure of the motorcycle tire

Regularly checking your tire pressure is important. Do this at regular intervals and check the tread depth and wear. Also, check whether there are any cracks or bulges in your motorcycle tires. You can inflate them at a gas station and there are tools on the market that make it easy to measure your tire pressure. Measure your pressure when your tires are cold!

Myth: “On warmer days you can lower the pressure because the outside temperature increases the tire pressure.